protopakAbout ProtoPak Engineering Corporation

A Packaging Problem Solver Since 1967, ProtoPak Engineering Corporation has specialized in the design of military-spec packaging along with industrial packaging. Our expertise in protective packaging encompasses other marketplaces including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, transportation and major retailers. Our people, along with their knowledge, skills and experience are the key to our success.

We are a packaging problem solver because we base our recommendations on our five key objectives:

  • Military Specifications and Industry Standards
  • ISTA and ASTM Requirements
  • Resiliency to Damage: moisture, corrosion, mold, static electricity, aromas, oxygen or ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Premium Packaging Materials
  • Cost Efficiency 

We engineer packaging designed in accordance with military spec requirements and industry standards. Complimenting our packaging expertise and experience, we partner with those companies and their products that offer our customers unique value, addressing their particular situation.


For government goods and requested commercial applications, ProtoPak Engineering conducts a rigorous testing procedure to ensure requirements are met. In the identification, detection and tracking of goods, we offer industry compliant bar coding, RFID, and labeling systems. Regardless of what service you contact us for, we guarantee complete, reliable and cost-effective strategies insuring your packaged products arrive in pristine condition :

  • Military Specification Packaging
  • Commercial Packaging
  • RFID, Labeling 
  • Custom Boxes, Wraps, Foam and Bags
  • On line store with over 10,000 items in stock for same day shipping 

ProtoPak Engineering has all the answers to protecting and packaging goods - with precision. As a 50 year old premier contract packaging provider, we have earned a reputation for designing damage proof packaging in accordance with the United States military. Not only do we exceed MIL-Spec packaging requirements, we also customize packaging for major corporations across the globe.

To ensure ultimate packaging protection, we match goods with the precise bags, wraps and boxing materials. It does not matter if the product requires protection from moisture, corrosion, mold, static electricity, aromas, oxygen or even ultraviolet (UV) rays, our engineers will design a reliable, cost-efficient packaging method. Whether it's for the deployment of military goods or a manufacturer's inventory, ProtoPak Engineering delivers packaging services and labeling systems to exceed compliance standards. 

For additional information, give us a call at (847) 979-1009.