Military Packaging CapabilitiesWAWF is now part of iRAPT

Cost-effective military packaging in accordance with all required specifications, including MIL-STD-2073, latest rev.


 How Protopak Engineering can assist you:

  • Creation of all required mil- spec labels that includes unit, intermediate, exterior, military shipping labels, (MSLs), RFIDs and UIDs.
  • Training on how to navigate through the WAWF system.
  • Warehousing of items.
  • Consulting on how to interpret Government contracts and packing and packaging Specs
  • Consulting on first article tests
  • Consulting on what government inspectors look for during inspections
  • Packing, packaging and marking of products being shipped to the government according to military specifications
Military Packaging Methods

ProtoPak Engineering has preservation and packaging down to a science. We combine five essential methods along with all other effective sub-groups:

  • Method 10 - Physical protection
  • Method 20 - Preservative coating only
  • Method 30 - Waterproof protection including Methods 31, 32 and 33
  • Method 40 - Water Vapor proof protection, including Methods 41 thru 45
  • Method 50 - Water Vapor proof protection with desiccant including Methods 51 thru 55.
MaterialsMilitary Packaging ProtoPak Engineering Corporation can pack and package with almost any material requested by the client.
Tolerances ProtoPak Engineering Corporation will only package or sell packaging supplies that are within the client's required specifications and tolerances.

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