Protopak Engineering will find the optimum VCI solutions for you and your products – by keeping with your specific
wishes and requirements. Here are some of the services that can be customized to suit your precise
needs:Complete Corrosion Protection

- Coating type
- Base material
- Coating thickness
- Printing
- Delivery options
• Jumbo-rolls
• Mini-rolls
• Large formats
• Small formats
- Packaging shapes
- Contract processing
• Printing
• Punching
• Batching/compounding
... And much more


We set new standards – particularly with the paper and cellulose-based products offered. Our unique, VCI-emitting cellulose-based
chips can provide “dry” corrosion protection either alone or in conjunction with VCI films under even the most challenging conditions. There are three methods for protecting your valuable products against corrosion:

  1. VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors)
  2. The oil method
  3. The desiccant method.

Corrosion Evaluation

Whether in film, aluminium composite, liquid or paper-based form, VCI products are the ideal way to protect high-quality metal products. Our technologies enable corrosion protection solutions that are more than a match for the toughest conditions and protects the value of your products.

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