Servicing customers in the electronics industry, ProtoPak Engineering Corporation was approached to custom fabricate a packaging system for an electronics manufacturer. After assessing the client's needs we designed a packaging system that addressed all of their concerns. The cartons consisted of a slotted Kraft outer carton, and a three section internal foam packing set. The three inner sections had to be designed to allow for both easy insertion and removal of the delicate and expensive electronics that they would contain.

Once designed, the prototype was put through rigorous testing; we subjected it to drop testing, vibration testing, and compression testing. After each trial the package passed with flying colors, the internal components undamaged and ready for use.

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Highlights of this Custom Molded Pulp Product

Product Description These end caps are used within a high end electronics application
Custom Electronics Packaging Capabilities Applied/Processes
Work With Client to Meet Needs Including Proper Ergonomics of Packaging
Generate CAD Drawings
Have Client Review Design Prior to Mfg.
Die Cutting of Polyethylene
Heat Sealing
Source Proper Manufacturers to Have Products Manufactured in a Timely Manner
Components Supplied
Polyethylene Foam Set
Top: 32" x 32" x 8.25"
Base: 32" x 32"
Mid-Section: 20"x 18" x 3"
Kraft Regular Slotted Carton
Hinged hand Holes on Width Panels
27.5" x 21.625" x 11.875"
Printed Part #
In process testing/inspection performed Drop Testing
Vibration Testing
Compression Testing
Industry for Use Electronics
Delivery Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Supply of Regular Slotted Kraft Cartons