ProtoPak Engineering Corporation has been servicing the US Military with custom packaging for many years. Our experience in custom designed packaging has allowed us to take on packaging for a variety of military hardware. Manufacturers ship directly to us to have their products packaged and shipped to military bases worldwide. Our reputation for zero defects and on time delivery is so good that we were awarded an A.R.P. certification, which designates ProtoPak as having a 100% accuracy record.

Military Project

We've packaged diverse items such as a base ducting system that measured 40' x 20', to micro electronic systems worth tens of thousands of dollars. Munitions and regulated weapons systems that require 24 hour guard and the list goes on.

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Highlights of this Custom Military Packaging Project

Product Description We package various components manufactured for the military
Custom Military Packaging Capabilities Applied/Processes Solicitations
Manufacturers Outsource packaging to U.S.
They Will Provide Drawings and Material Specifications That Are in Accordance with Mil-Spec Codes for Packaging
We Handle the Packaging of Sensitive, Expensive Electronics to heavily Regulated Weapons Systems to Multi Ton Heavy Equipment Vehicles
Electronic Shipping Verification for Base to Base Transfer and Shipping
WAWF – Wide Area Work Flow
Industry for Use Military
Delivery Location Shipping to Military Bases Worldwide
Standards Met A.R.P. Alternative Release Procedures
PEC is an elite ARP provider; we have 100% accuracy record, which allows us to ship products without physical inspection.
Mil-Specs: MIL-STD 2073 1D
Military Preservation: Method 10,20,31,33,41,52
Marking: MIL-STD-129 (latest rev.)
Wrap: MIL-P-17667 , MIL-B-121, MIL-PRF-3420
Bag:, MIL-B-117, Type I, Class E, Style 1,
MIL-B-117, Type I, Class F, Style 1, MIL-B-117, Type I, Class B, Style 2
Cushioning: A-A-3129, MIL-PRF-26514, A-A-1898
We Meet Just About any Packaging MIL-Spec you require.
Product Name Packaging of Military Components