At ProtoPak Engineering Corporation we specialize in providing packaging materials and customer service that goes above and beyond our competition. A customer in the steel industry called us one Friday afternoon in dire need of steel strapping. They had a large order that was ready to ship and they were out of the steel strapping material, which they needed to palletize their product. No other supplier in the region was able to provide them with the materials that they desperately needed.

Steel Packaging


The ProtoPak representative assigned to their account placed five cases of steel strapping into her vehicle and drove the 80 miles to personally deliver their order, within three hours of the call. ProtoPak is now their primary supplier of packaging materials.

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Highlights of this Packaging Project

Product Description This packaging was supplied to a steel manufacturing company.
Packaging Supplier Capabilities Applied/Processes
Supply of Packaging
Customer Service
Components Stocked for Just In Time (J.I.T.) Deliveries
Example of Components Supplied
Clear packing List Envelope (12 Cases, @ 1,000 Per Case)
7" x 5"
80 Gauge Stretch Wrap (Quantity of 2)
20 x 1000
Steel Banding (12 Units)
5/8" x .015"
Gummed Tape (6 Units)
72mm x 450'
High Tensile Steel Banding (Quantity of 24)
¾" x .019"
Kraft Corrugated Die Cut Square Pads (450 Units)
60" O.D.
22" I.D.
Masking Tape ( 2 Cases @26 Rolls Per case)
1" x 60mm
80 Gauge Stretch Wrap (5 Cases @ 18 Per Case)
3" x 1000'
High Tensile Steel Strapping (Quantity of 12)
¾" x .029"
Cardboard Edge Protectors (1,050 Units)
3" x 3" x .120"
Double Wall FOL Corrugated Boxes (200 Units)
12" x 3-3/4"x 12-1/8"
Kraft Corrugated Cartons (300 Units)
12" x 12" x 8"
Kraft Corrugated Cartons (150 Units)
14" x 14" x 8"
Kraft Corrugated Trays (150 Units)
24-5/8" x 24-5/8" x 5"
Kraft Tray (150 Units)
32-5/8" x 32-5/8" x 5"
Kraft Corrugated Cartons (160 Units)
20" x 20" x 16"
Kraft Corrugated Cartons (150 Units)
20" x 20" x 9"
Kraft Corrugated Cartons (100 Units)
24" x 24" x 8"
Industry for Use Steel Manufacturing
Delivery Location Hampshire, Illinois
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Supply of Custom Packaging