Custom Case Design

Protopak Engineering's experience and knowledge is the key to helping our customers determine which case will offer the best value while protecting their products properly. Many factors need to be considered from the proper size of the case, the case's material, the shipping method and ultimately how the foam inserts are designed in order to properly protect the contents.

Custom Case and Foam


In addition to understanding the multiple custom foam interior solutions available, Protopak can custom mount your product in their cases. This includes custom routing of the cases on CNC machines to allow connectors, switches, etc. to be accessible from the exterior of the case without having to open the case. If a clear window is needed, it can be added to the case so you can see your product inside the case without opening it. We also offer cut and weld capabilities on one particular case line which allows us to create larger cases without having to create a new expensive tool. This saves you time and money when a stock case size will not meet your requirements.


Protopak Engineering's capabilities to customize cases to fit your needs are unmatched in the industry.


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