ArtemisArtemis Bio-Solutions

  • Artemis Bio-Solutions started years ago to change the status quo in the disinfectant and decontamination industry. They thought that by listening to people’s needs and embracing ingenuity and science, they could invent and license products that create better living environments and transform customers’ lives.
  • It all began at Sandia National Laboratories—one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories in the United States.  Artemis licensed a decontamination solution from Sandia and formulated it for commercial, hospital and residential use.  After receiving EPA approval in 2016 for our Bio-Oxygen® Chem Decon product, Artemis set out to curate a product offering that serious industry professionals and consumers alike would want in their arsenal. The result? They proudly offer a wide array of products that meet everyone’s needs—from hospital-grade tuberculocidal to carpet deodorizer to ULV foggers and continuously push new technologies, new applications and new ideas.

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